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Thursday 21 March 2019

Press Office of the House of Elders

December 11/ 2017


Dr. Mohammad Asif Sidiqi, Second Deputy of the House, met with the Acting Ambassador of PRC to Kabul.

During the meeting, the Ambassador assured those present of China’s continued cooperation in economic sectors and supported the peace process in Afghanistan. The Ambassador discussed about the extension of Afghanistan’s railways which is connected to five other countries, regional


 cooperation, Turkmenistan Gas transformation via Afghanistan, and the Fiber Network development from Kashghar city of China to Afghanistan.

In response, the Second Deputy Speaker of the House discussed the benefits of collaboration between the two neighboring countries and their shared historical relations in addition to expressing his appreciation for China’s assistance in various development sectors.

In the meeting, both sides emphasized the importance for establishing a parliamentary friendship group which will strengthen relations and future collaborative endeavors.