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Tuesday 11 December 2018

Press Office of the House of Elders


The Speaker of the House met with Mohammad Reza Bahrami Ambassador of Islamic Republic of Iran to Kabul.

During the meeting, Mr. Bahrami presented the regards and salutations of his counterpart in Iran’s National Council and discussed matter related to the opening of the first phase of the Chabahar Port and extension of Torghondi and Zaranj railways commenting that such collaborative measures in trade and development in particular indicate the brotherly relations between the two countries. He added that the infrastructure costs for the construction of port is in the region of 1 billion US dollars which has a capacity to hold between two to eight million tons of merchandise.


The Ambassador also added that his country has provided some living facilities for the comfort of Afghan refugees and in the current year around two hundred residence permit visas have been issued. Furthermore, he noted that Afghan refugees face the challenge of sending money to their familie, which will require the DAB ( Da Afghanistan Bank) to cooperate in this regard.

The Speaker of the House raised the issue of the long-term cooperation which exists between Afghanistan and Iran and said that he hoped that Iran would deepen such ties and take measures to further the care and consideration offered towards Afghan refugees in particular.

During the meeting, the Speaker of the House mentioned about constant state of war which continues to prevail and the sacrifices of Afghanistan’s people, and asked the cooperation of the of the Iran government with Afghanistan in the fight against terror to maintain peace in Afghanistan and the region as a whole.


Moreover, Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi, Secretary General of the House, also passed comment on issues of cooperation and collaboration between the two countries.  

Muslim Yaar closed the sitting by discussing the opening of Chabahar Port and considered it as a turning-point between the two countries. The Speaker of the House appreciated the invitation request of the President of the Islamic Council of Iran for him and pledged to reciprocate the visit and travel to Tehran in due course.