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Friday 18 January 2019

Press Office of the Senate

November 29, 2017

The Chairs’ Committee Session of the House was led by the Speaker of the House and the following agenda was decided upon for future Sessions of the House:

1. In the Plenary Session of the House on Sunday December 3, 2017 it was agreed the focus of the discussion should concern the Presidential Legislative Decree regarding amendments and additions to Articles of Law of Population and also the visit report of the House delegation from Kunar province regarding Pakistan’s rocket attacks.


2. In the Plenary Session of the House on Sunday December 5, 2017 the visit report of the House delegation from the Germany and a discussion concerning the agreement to encourage and support investment between ECO member countries should be included in the agenda.

In addition to the above-mentioned agenda, the committee members emphasized and reiterated previous agenda items with the officials of defense, interior and foreign affairs, judicial and presidential office authorities about the Pakistani border fencing issue and their rocket attacks, and circumstances of implementing salary law of high governmental officials.

Finally, during the Committees Session, it was expressed that the relevant authority should investigate and present to the House matters pertaining to the current situation of displaced people of Nangarhar province and the Highway of Salang.