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Approvals Of MJ
Tuesday 20 November 2018

Press Office of the House of Elders

November 26, 2017

The Senate approved Taxation for Telecommunication Services.

The House of Elders Session on Sunday, chaired by Speaker of the House, approved ten-percent taxation on telecommunication services.


The above-mentioned proposal, which was referred by the House of Representatives concerning the rejection of the Law regulating telecommunication services and reviewed at the House of Elders Commission of Telecommunication, rejected the mentioned scheme of the House of Representatives and emphasized on price reduction on telecommunication and Internet services henceforth.


Also during the Session, the Presidential Legislative Decree regarding the Financial Accounting Law was passed by majority after comprehensive review in the House Commission of Finance and Budget.

In addition, an open discussion was held regarding various issues of concerning the country. Senators discussed the international day for eliminating violence against women on 25th November.

Further, Haji Mahmoud Khakrizwal was introduced in the session as the newly appointed Senator through Presidential Order and his oath ceremony was performed.


At the conclusion of the Session, the Speaker of the House condemned the terrorist attack at the Mosque in Egypt and presented his expressions of condolence and sympathy with the victims’ families and also with the government of Egypt.  The Speaker of the House also expressed his support of the ANSF, condemned violence against women across the country and ordered the House Commission of Women Affairs to investigate the circumstances of the female suicide case in Kabul University.