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Friday 18 January 2019

Press office of the House of Elder

15, November 2017

Deputy Minister of State for the Parliamentary Affairs Attended the Committee Session.

The House Chairman Committee Session which led by Speaker of the House, the following agendas decided for the upcoming Sessions:

1. At the Plenary Session of the House on 19th of November, along of open discussion, discussion should be on presidential decree about Civil Registration Law.


2. At the Plenary Session of the House on 21 November, Minister of Finance along with his team should answer to the questions of Senators about the draft budget for the fiscal year 1397 and likewise at the same session, legislative decree about the Financial Accounting Law and the House of Representative scheme for rejection of Law of Regulating Telecommunication Services should be included in the agenda’s of the Session.

At the beginning of the Session, Speaker of the House discussed about the article 20 of the Tobacco Control Law and said that increasing % 100 taxes at Tobacco is for the benefit of Pakistan and detriment for the Afghan traders, because the trade route of Cigarette from Afghanistan to other countries will be changed, and by this the government will not have any income.

At the other part of the Session, Deputy Minister of State for the Parliamentary Affairs attended the Committee Session and provided information about the government cabinet decision. He added that President Ghani ordered the Ministers and all other officials of the government to participate at the commission Sessions of the House of Elders when they are asked for participation and also to avoid discrimination between the Houses of the Parliament.