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Tuesday 16 October 2018

The House of Elders Press Office

Date: November 7, 2017.

 Members of the House Discussed the Current Situation in the Plenary Session.

The Session of the House which chaired by Mohammad Alam Ezad Yaar First Deputy Speaker of the House, along of hearing report from the Nimroz Province, discussion was on the current situation of the country.


As the agenda of the session was that Minister of Finance and Acting Ministers of Telecommunication and National Economic should explain to the question of Senators about taxes in the mobile credit cards, but the mentioned officials were not present in the Session.

Furthermore, the session condemned the Yamani Plastic Missile attack on the Malik Khalid Air Base in Saudi Arabia and said that sacred places of Islam such as the Holy Places which are located in the that country, should be kept safe.

Also at the session, Some Senators once again strongly condemned the recent statement of the UK ambassador to Kabul, The Interventive speeches of Foreign Minister of Pakistan toward Afghanistan and also fencing the Durand line border by the Pakistan. Senator asked for bringing the mentioned issues at the UN, and decision made that National Security Advisor and Head of the Local Organs should explain in the regard in one of the House session.


Moreover during the session, Muhammad Alam Ezad Yaar provided information about the attack on the Shamshad TV and by condemning the attack, considered it against all the values of humanity. Furthermore, the senators presented their views about the draft national budget for the fiscal year 1397.


At the end, according to agenda, Senator Haji Salih Mohammad Lala Gul presented report of the House Commission of National Economic, Finance and Budget from the Nimroz Province.