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Tuesday 25 September 2018

 Press office of the House of Elders

Date : November 6, 2017

Minister of Finance Introduced Draft National Budget for Fiscal Year 1397.


Draft National Budget for Fiscal Year 1397 which is over 357 billion AFG, was introduced at the extraordinary Session of the Meshrano Jirga (House of Elders).  

The sessions which lead by chairmanship of Mohammad Alam Ezad Yar Deputy of the House, initially, Dr. Ghulam Farroq Wardak Minister of State in the Parliamentary Affairs considered presenting the budget in the Senate in accordance to the article 98th of constitution, And similarly considered its approval by the National Assembly and its implementation by the government in accordance with the process of democracy in the country.


Then, Aklil Hakimi, The minister of finance, spoke about the budget spent in the year 1396, the achievements of the National Unity government in the economic sectors and infrastructure, and some other issues and Said that domestic revenues have raised compare to the past with an estimated 152 billion AFG, which is higher than the target.

He said the total budget for fiscal Year 1397 was 357 billion AFG of which more than 267 billion of that consist of ordinary budget and 90 billion and 614 million of it is considered for development budget. Out of developmental budgets, an amount of 35 Billion and 653 Million AFG is an optional developmental budget and an amount of 54 billion and 961 million covers non-optional development funds that in the priority covers the security, infrastructure, education and agriculture sectors.


The minister of finance said that about sixty percent of donors' donations have been spent through the national budget this year, and there are hopes for this increase, as donors have made commitments.

Also, during the Session, Hakimi discussed some of the achievements of the National Unity Government, including improving trade and the establishment of Air Corridor between Afghanistan-India and attempts of extending to neighboring countries and golf countries, completion logistic work of CASA project in Afghanistan, Aghina Railways, The signing of the Lazuli corridor agreement in the coming month, and connecting Afghanistan to Europe, Conducting important conferences in Kabul, Turkmenistan's electricity transmission to Pakistan, and other issues were discussed.

The first vice chairman of the House after the hearing the explanation of the Minister of Finance,referred the draft budget of the year 1397 to the Commission of National Economy, Finance and to all other Commission for review and study.


      According to the constitution, the Meshrano Jirga (House of Elders) has a duty to study the budget within fifteen days, and with some suggestions, it will be sent to the Wolesi Jirga (House of Common).