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Monday 10 December 2018

Press office of the House of Elders

October 11, 2017

Speaker of the House Met with Mr. Yao Jing Ambassador of China in Kabul.

In the meeting, ambassador of the People's Republic of China discussed and appreciated the political stand, close cooperation and good relations of the House Speaker with the Chnia Embassy during Ambassador Mission in Afghanistan. He pointed on the cooperation of House of Elders in releasing Chinese citizens who were abducted in the Nangarhar province.

Ambassador Yao Jing mentioned about important and beneficial visit of the Speaker to China and promised further meeting of the Speaker with senior officials of the Congress and government of China once again. He also said that China’s Government and Congress willing to further strengthen and expand the political, economic and parliamentary relations between two countries and that he believes his successor will build closed relationship with the House of Elders.

Ambassador Yao Jing who recently appointed as China Ambassador to Pakistan, talked about Afghanistan efforts on bringing peace to their country and the region and promised to talk with Pakistani officials on betterment of relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan which has been overwhelmed recently.


Speaker of House appreciated the achievements as well as supports that have been provided by Mr. Yao Jing during his mission in Afghanistan, saying that the two country’s relationship and specially China’s and China’s Congress relations with the AfghanistanHouse of Elders have been strengthened and expanded during Ambassador Yao Jing mission in Afghanistan. The Speaker of House of Elders expressed his gratitude on behalf of the House and the people of Afghanistan. “You are the only foreign Ambassador that we have recognized his achievement at the end of his mission”. Said the Speaker.

He welcomed Mr. Yao Jing assignment to the China Embassy at Islamabad and expected him to work towards peace and stability in the region relying on China’s political and economic influence on Pakistan.

At the end, Speaker of the House presented an appreciation letter and sign of House of Elders to recognize Ambassador’s achievements willing him further successes in his new mission. This was honored by Ambassador, and he promised to follow the meeting points with Pakistani officials.

He gifted the Historical China Wall picture to the House of Elders.