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Friday 18 January 2019

Press office of the House of Elders

September 26, 2017

Resource Center for Women Parliament opened at House of Elders


Resource Center for Women Parliamentarian (RCWP) was officially launched by H.E Fazil Muslimyar Speaker of the House of Elders and UN Women Afghanistan Acting Country Representative Dr. Rebecca Reichmann Tavares. The Center which is established by support of UN Women Afghanistan provides technical facilities to increase capacity of the women members of the House.

In the opening ceremony, H.E. Muslimyar, Deputy Speaker Dr.Mohamad Asif Sediqi, the Secretary Mohamad Tayab Ata, Deputy Secretary Dr. Mohamad Faisal Sami, Senators, and the Secretary General Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi were presented. H. E. Muslimyar appreciated UN Women Afghanistan for financial and technical support of RCWP establishment and the entire project as well as the Secretariat General of House of Elders for administrative support in this achievement. He also emphasized on the mandatory role of relevant institutions to address women issues and women empowerment in all areas and said that women should be engaged in all vital and national decision making. He added that there is need to take serious actions in eliminating violation against women to challenge other obstacles women facing in the country.

Subsequent to H.E. Muslimyar Speech, Chairman of Women Affairs and Civil Society Commission of House of Elders Ms.Shafiq Nawrozkhil appreciated establishment of the RCWP and hoped that RCWP in cooperation of the Commission will introduce adequate ideas and strategies towards gender legislation and anti-violation and anti-harassment programs in the country.

Dr. Rebecca Reichmann Tavares also talked about the RCWP project and promised further support in implementation of the RCWP project. She said that comparing to many developed countries in the world women parliamentarian in Afghanistan are in a better position.


In an introductory speech, National Gender Advisor of House of Elders stated that RCWP has been established with the value of one million Afghani donated by the UN WomenAfghanistan with the aim to increase women parliamentarians and Secretariat staff in gender legislation and gender budget. She added that the RCWP is equipped with IT facilities and online library, and will organize open discussion on gender legislation as well as show visual materials for gender awareness raising purposes.