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Friday 21 September 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 24. September, 2017

The House of Elders Summoned Acting Minister of Public Welfare and Acting Mayor of Capital Kabul.


At the House of Elders Plenary Session on Sunday, Acting Minister of Public Welfare and Acting Mayor of Kabul answered to questions of Senators in regard to several important ongoing issues including slow progress in ring routs projects and highwaysproblems in the country.

Attended by Senators Nisar Ahmad Haris, Mohammad Rahim Hassan Yaar and other meeting participants, the government officials were asked about the status of spending development budget in the Kabul Municipality and the Ministry of Public Welfare, any progress in the projects of Kabul ring rout and construction work of the Zurmat Paktia roads, Sallang and Kabul-Jalal Abad Highways. As well as questions were raised about construction work of several roads including Fayz Abad-Baharak, NahorGhazni and Eshkashim-Badakhshan Highways, ring rout of Jawzijan and Qaisar-Laman.


Other questions were related t the financial misusing of the high-tonnage scales at the entry points of highways, non-standard construction of some roads including the road opposite to Sillo factory, illegal building of Gul BaharTower, illegal construction of unplanned building aroundcity, implementation of Kabul Metro and Padola projects,

Increase of waste in different part of city, rainwater disposal problems, returninggrabbed lands, andrecruitmentissues at the municipalitieswas questions which also asked in the Session Absence of the Acting Mayor of Kabul to the Commission of Transportation and Telecommunication of the House of Eleders was another concern.

Mr. Yama Yari Acting Minister of Public Welfare and Abdullah Habib Zai Acting of the capital Kabul Mayor responded to the questions and related issues in detail.

At the open discussions, Senators concerned about recent statement by Pakistan Prime Minister at the UN annual meeting stating that Pakistan does not tolerate existed relationship between Afghanistan and India.


“Afghanistan is an independent country and no one has the right to interfere in the internal and foreign policy of Afghanistan; establishes relationship with any countries it considers to do and based on its national interest.

In a separate discussion, Senators talked about aggravated security situation at Helmand, Faryab, and Jawzjan provinces calling upon authorities to take necessary actions to clean out the concerned areas from operations of terrorist groups.

Senators also expressed their concerns about dispute and miscoordination among members of the IEC and said that the National Unity Government leadership should pay attention to this concern to ensure conducting a transparent upcoming elections in the country.

Senators predicted the proposal of forming 20 thousand militia alongside the ANA and transformation of Mosques and religious places security control to non-army groups as 2 insufficient projects.  Senators also talked on closing of hospitals in the Uruzgan province due to Taliban threat, not spending development budget at unsecured provinces, issues of financial corruption at the House of Common (Wolesi Jirga), misbehaving a Journalist at Helmand province, attack on the leader of Hezb e Islami during his speech at mosque of Hirat.

They also emphasized on expanding saffron cultivation across the country alongside other issues.

Many Senators welcomed US pledges for providing Humvees for ANA as well as Russia attempt for cooperation with United Stated in Afghanistan issues. 

Many others, concerned about killing of former police commander of Nad Ali district of the Helmand province and three police commanders of the Jaghtowe district of the Ghazni province in a month.

The Speaker concluded all discussed issues and referred some issues to the relevant Commissions of House of Elders. H.E. asked relevant Commissions to follow with government officials on insecurity issues in concerned provinces and the health services status in Urozgan province, and report back to the next Session. He asked the Commission on Provincial Councils Affairs and Members Privilege to consider the application submitted by a member of Balkh Provincial Council.


H.E Muslimyar said that lack of coordination among IEC members increased public concerns on upcoming elections and IEC officials will
 be summoned for clarification in the next session. He condemned the recent statement of the Pakistan Prime Minister regarding the relations
 of Afghanistan and India and called Pakistan’s Prime Minister wordsrude and inconsistent which is not of his authority but restates the position
 of Pakistan’s IntelligenceAgency. He said that Afghanistan will not allow any to interfere in its internal and foreign affairs, as it is an
 independent country. He said no one should think about the thought of under-controlling it.