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Tuesday 25 September 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 20. September.2017

Chairman committee session chaired by Mohammad Alam Ezad Yaar First Vice Speaker of the Upper House Chairmen. Committee regular session was conducted at the Committee’s meeting room and attended by Leadership of the Upper House, chairs and vice chairs of the Upper House Commissions, and Upper House Secretary General.  Dr. Ghulam Farooq Wardak Minister of the Parliamentary Affairs was called and participated in this meeting for explanation about problems in ongoing working relationship between the Upper House and the Ministry.

Dr. Wardak provided the Committee with convincible answers on issues related to organizing participation of government officials to the Commissions ‘sessions, proceeding documents and applications of Senators to the relevant ministries, and other issues. Expressing his appreciation for being invited to the Committee’s session, Dr. Wardak promised to build on further efforts towards an enhanced mutual trust and harmony among the Government three pillars. Additionally, he assured to follow issues related to issuing weapon card, vehicle entrance card and other discussed issues in the session.

Moreover, at the session, according to the decision of last Committee session it was emphasized to summon the Acting Minister of Public Health and Acting Mayor of Kabul on 24 of September for providing information on any progress in development of the Kabul ring route and disposal of the waste from the capital Kabul. In addition, as raised by Senators in the Plenary Session on the concerned operation of electoral sites it was decided to summon the Independent Election Commission (IEC) Chair and IEC Secretary General to the Plenary Session on 26 of September to report about their accomplishments.  Furthermore, decision made to include the proposed Law of Hydro Carbon through the assigned Commission in the agenda of Plenary Session, 26 of September.

Also, a list of eight organizational procedures, which have been developed by the Secretariat General of Meshrano Jirga (the Upper House) was read and presented to the session.

It included the Procedure of Documents Archiving, Procedure of Hansard and Audio-Visual Records and Arrangements of Technical Affairs of Plenary Sessions, Procedure of National and International Trips of Upper House Members and Staff, Procedure on Inter-Parliamentarian Friendship Groups, Protocol Procedures, Procedure on Governmental and Non-governmental Officials Summon Arrangements, and Procedure of Granting Privilege.It was emphasized to share the mentioned procedures to all Upper House Commissions for review collecting back their remarks in a week.


Furthermore, at the session, Committee members criticized the biased behavior of officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs toward the Senators and not considering their documents in a timely manner. The Minister for Parliamentary Affairs was asked to follow the raised issues. As well it was pointed that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs should send letter to all of the embassies and consulates of Afghanistan abroad to ensure appropriate coordination and cooperation in regard to the official trips of Senators to other countries.

It is notable that at the beginning of the session, Upper House First Vice-speaker, Muhammad Alam Ezad yaar commemorated martyrdom of the Peace Martyr former president and Jihadi leader of Afghanistan Professor Ustad Burhan Al Din Rabbani in his martyrdom anniversary. Praying for souls of the martyrs, Mr. Ezadyar wished a national desire and a peaceful approach in celebrating the Martyrs Day (20 September) this year.

The session was ended by reemphasizing on active participation of all Upper House members at the Plenary and Commission sessions to ensure timely review of laws and regular Chairmen Committee and Commission sessions.