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Tuesday 25 September 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 19. September.2017

President of the Central Bank Delivered Information Regarding the Clout Money.


At the general session of the Senate on Tuesday by Chairmanship of Fazil Hadi Muslim Yaar Speaker of the Senate, President of the Central Bank Provided Information Regarding the Clout money and other monetary issues.

In the beginning of the session, Senator Salih Mohammad LaLa Gul and other Senators asked questions from the authorities of the Central Bank regarding some monetary issues and likewise admired the mentioned authorities for maintaining the values of the Afghani currency in international market comparing to the neighboring countries currency.

Afterward, Khalil Sediq President of the Da Afghanistan Bank provided information about the monetary issues especially the clouted money in the country.


Likewise, representative of the money exchanger union discussed about the recent actions of the Central Bank and concerned it inappropriate in the current situation of the country.

At the open part of the session, the senators discussed about the recent claim of the Pakistan PM regarding accepting that the blast of the Zambaq Squre was planned inside Pakistan and emphasized that the president Ghani should discuss it at the UN general assembly.


Similarly during the session, debates occurred regarding various issues including on bad educational situation in the Kandahar province, complaints regarding CBR at the ministry of education of the Balkh and Sarepol provinces, problems in distributing teacher’s salary in the districts, martyrdom of six people at the Kandahar province, monitoring suggestion from the NGOs, worries regarding the government interference at the House of Representative and Provincial Council elections, lack of implementing national project at the Samangan province, and other issues were debated in the session.


At the conclusion of the session, speaker of the Senate discussed about the Pakistan’s interfence in the affairs of Afghanistan and emphasized that the the president Ghani should discuss it at the UN general assembly. Similarly, speaker of the Senate emphasized on the national unity and ordered the commission of national economic and region affairs to reach to educational problems of the Balkh, Sarepol, and Kandahar and Wardak provinces.