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Tuesday 25 September 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 17. September.2017


At the Upper House Session on Sunday by Chairmanship of Fazil Hadi Muslim Yaar, Beside of Admiring the Eastern Security Forces of the Country, debates occurred regarding the current situation of the country.


At the session, the senators concerned the new retirement law of the military forces against the law which toke place without the amendment and demanded the attention of the security officials regarding this issue. At the session, the senators concerned the participation of the president Ghani at the UN annual session as an important opportunity to introduce the terrorist assistant countries and to bring pressures on them for avoiding their supports from the terrorism inside their countries.

Likewise, at the session, some senators remembered regarding the launching week of martyr’s ceremony at the Balkh province and concerned beneficial the speech of the Executive president Abdullah Abdullah for the national unity and added that in the current situation of the country the politicians should jointly work for the prosperity of the country.


Similarly during the session, debates occurred regarding various issues including welcoming the meetings among the government members, condemning the crimes against the Mayanmar’s Muslims, emphasizes on investigating corruptions at the IEC, problems of afghans patients regarding air ticket and lack of airplane to India, lack of constructing roads at the Zabul and Paktia province, increasing insecurity in the Ghazni province, criticizes on removal of security check points at the Kabul city, criticizes for delivering contracts for the foreign companies without considering the procurement laws, emphasizes for establishing independent administration for solving the disable problems, increasing in addicts, emphasizes for providing information about the peace process with Taliban and other issues were debated in the session.

At the conclusion of the session, speaker of the senate debated regarding the various issues including on the new military retirement laws and said that the senate will take action considering the national interest after the president decree.

Likewise, speaker of the senate debated regarding the president Ghani’s participation at the UN general assembly, meetings among the members of the government, security situation of the Ghazni province, admiring the sacrifices of the security forces and emphasizes for attention toward their problems and other issues were debated.


At the other part of the session, speaker of the senate, administrative board and senators presented the senate logo to the security official of the eastern zone of the country for their supports and admiring the security officials.

Likewise, at the session, report of the commission of defense and home security affairs form the Farah and Herat province presented by the senator Rana Tareen. The report contained information regarding the security, development, military hospitals and clinics, roads construction, and other issues were indicated in the report.