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Tuesday 25 September 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 16-September-2017

At the Upper House Chairman Committee Session by Chairmanship of Fazil Hadi Muslim Yaar Speaker of the Senate decisions made regarding various issues.

At the session, decision made that at the general of the senate on Sunday 26th of Sunbullah, beside of open debates regarding various issues and hearing report of the commission of defense affairs from the Farah province and security officials of the Ningarhar province should be admired. Likewise decision made that at the general session of the senate on 28th of Sunbullah, President of Da Afghanistan Bank, President of the Money exchanger union and president of the private banks should explain regarding the issues of Afghani worn money in the country.


Likewise at the session decision made that acting minister of the ministry of public welfare and Kabul municipality should provide information regarding the construction development of the Kabul ring road and transferring rubbish from the Kabul city and similarly, decision made that according by complaints of some senators regarding circumstances of monitoring electoral constituencies in the provinces, president of the independent election commission and its SG should provide information regarding the mentioned issues on the general session of the senate on 4th of Mezan.

At the beginning of the session, the senators strongly criticized on Dr. Ghulam Farroq Wardak State minister in the parliamentary affairs about not considering balance between the two Houses of the parliament and lack of cooperation. In the regard decision made that the mentioned minister should be interrogated at the committee session of the senate on Wednesday, 29th of Sunbullah.

Likewise during the session, beside of the discussion on the current security situation of the country, criticizes occurred regarding lack of the government officials presence in the commission sessions of the senate and emphasizes occurred that ministry of state in the parliamentary affairs should solve the mentioned issue.

At the end of the session, emphasizes occurred that members of the senate should actively participate at the general session and committee session of the senate