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Monday 18 June 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 10 – September - 2017


First Plenary Session of the Senate Launched After the Summer Vacation.


The session which is launched by chairmanship of Fazil Hadi Muslim Yaar Speaker of the Senate, after recitation of some verses of Holy Quran, speaker of the senate during his inauguration discussed regarding the recent incidents in the country.

At the session, the senators remembered regarding the Martyrs week and 16th anniversary of the Ahmad Shah Massoud martyrdom and emphasizes occurred that conferences should be launched in various parts of the country regarding the martyrdom week and likewise the senators strongly condemned the illegal armed people patrols in the street and hurting peoples. At the session the senators discussed regarding the security situation of the country and the new US strategy in the country and emphasized for bringing further pressures on Pakistan for not supporting the terrorism and admired the security forces for maintaining the security in the country and emphasizes occurred for taking care in the military operation to avoid the civilian causalities.


Similarly, during the session the senators the senators debated regarding the recent terrorist incidents in the country and emphasized on the government for having strong security measures. Likewise debates occurred regarding various issues especially regarding the money exchanges in the market, strongly condemnation of killing the Muslims in Mayanmar and demanding for helps from the UN and Muslim countries, criticizes on pollution increasing, criticizes on bad behaviors with some senate members at the VIP section in the international airport of Hamid Karzai, road blockage of the Badakhshan due to insecurity, disputes among the government leaders, lack of developmental budget consumption of some budget units, and other issues were debated in the session.

At the conclusion of the session, speaker of the senate emphasized on solving the issues of money exchanges in the market and ordered the commission of national economic, budget and finance for discussing the mentioned issues with the central bank and present the report of the issue in the session.


Likewise, speaker of the senate concerned his unfortunate regarding the Muslim situation in the Maynamar and criticized on the US and UN silence toward them. Speaker of the senate discussed regarding the martyr’s week and by praying to the souls of martyrs condemned the illegal armed people patrols in the city and by debating regarding various issues admired the security forces sacrifices in the county.