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Friday 18 January 2019

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 4-September-2017

The Upper House Declaration Regarding the Genocide of the Muslims in Myanmar:

By the Name of Allah, The most Gracious the Most Merciful


The Upper House expresses their deep worries regarding the continuing physical and spiritual tortures and genocide of the Muslims in the Burma by the Buddhist extremist, and expresses their deep worries to the United Nations where it is a humanitarian reference to obtain international social justice.

Mass killings, burning alive, the lack of civil rights, Depriving from the religious practice, Lack of the right to educate in national educational institutions, unlawful marriages, sexual abuses of women and children, forcing hundreds of thousands to migrate, Incarcerating Muslims, Setting fire to mosques, homes and shops, and other cruelties are happening by the extremist Buddhist  toward the Burma’s Muslims in the 21st century in the presence of international community and defenders of the human rights and police of the Burma.

And the more painful is that the United Nations and the United States of America which is known as the human rights defender and other major countries of the world powers, including Islamic countries & organizations and humanitarian agencies all has silence toward this shocking events and not preventing continuation of such terrible crimes against the humanity.

The Upper House expresses its deep sympathies to the victims’ families, people who are tortured and those who have been displaced as a result of this violence from their home country, as well as asks the United Nation, international human rights organizations and the world to exert their efforts to put an end to these crimes against humanity and assist with those who are threatened by the violence.


Fazil Hadi Muslim Yaar

President of the Upper House