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Friday 18 January 2019

 The Upper House Press Office

Date: 18. August.2017

Congratulatory Massage of the Upper House on the Occasion of the Ninety-Eight Anniversary of Independence Day:

By the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious the Most Merciful


The Upper House and Secretariat of the Upper House presents their best congratulatory message on the occasion of the Ninety-Eight anniversary of  independence day to the Excellency President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, Excellency Executive President Dr, Abdullah, to the Members of the National Assembly, Chief Justice, Members of the Supreme Court , Respected Jihadi leaders, Cabinet members, to the brave military personnel, the Police personnel, the Afghan national security forces, the Disabled people of Afghanistan, the Inheritors of the martyrs, and also to the Respected Afghan refugees living abroad and also to all compatriot.

The 28th of the Asad is one of the glorious days of Afghanistan, where in this day, the Mujaheedin and brave victorious of this land under the leadership of beloved King Ghazi Amanullah khan in a series of bloody but decisive battle with British armed forces saved the Afghanistan from the grip of the old colonialism, and achieved the independence of the country.

People of our country also after that faced with great historical trial and foreign invasion, and by shedding their blood, guarded their national independence, and in every time turned the offenders hope into despairs.

The Upper House of Afghanistan once again by offering their congratulatory message to the respected compatriots, proudly celebrates the independence day in the memories of the Afghanistan’s victorious mujahedeen and martyrs of the country, and plead from the God paradise to the martyrs of this land and hopes that the people of this land as the past fail the foreigner’s conspiracy and take part in development process of their country.


Fazil Hadi Muslim Yaar

President of the Upper House