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Monday 18 June 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 27-July.2017

Second educational youth parliamentary ended on Thursday after launching different plenary session and activities at the commissions.

The session which is launched by chairmanship of Agha Mohammad Qurishi Speaker of the youth educational parliament, deputy of the ministry of fight against drug and director of independent affairs of nomad answered to the questions of the youth educational lawyers, and promised that according to available facilities we will strive for solving the issues.


Likewise, at the open part of the session, members of the mentioned parliament by debating on the security, reconstruction, economic expansion, and the current situation of the country and said that the their meetings with the President of the country Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Chief of Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah were hopeful and demanded on implementation of their suggestions and similarly, added that the citizens should strength their unity and plays their role in bringing peace and stability.

Similarly, at the plenary sessions of the mentioned parliament, Faizullah Zaki Acting of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Sayed Hafizullah Hashimi SG of the Senate Secretariat, deputies of the ministries of health and info and culture, Taimor Shah Qawim Deputy in the parliamentary affairs of the senate secretariat, and Dr. Morad In charge of youth at UNF provided information about some issues. 

Likewise, during the period of the mentioned parliament, members of the parliament debated about the health, sport, partnership, employment, fight against the drug and education at their committee session and presented suitable schemes and hoped on implementation of them by the government authorities.


Second educational youth parliament which is launched by technical cooperation of the UN representative in the Afghanistan affairs, Secretariat of the Senate and Deputy ministry of youth affairs of the ministry of Info and Culture, their initial session launched on 1st of Assad of the current year and inaugurated by Dr Abdullah Abdullah and Fazil Hadi Muslim Yaar speaker of the senate. The objectives of the mentioned parliament are promoting parliamentary culture and further familiarities of the youth with the parliamentary procedures and consist of 124 members from various provinces.