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Monday 18 June 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 23-July.2017

New educational term of youth parliamentary training inaugurated and launched.


The education youth parliamentary training which is launched by the assistance of the United Nation’s representatives in the affairs of Afghanistan, secretariat of the senate and by deputy ministry of the youth affairs of the ministry of info and culture, Fazil Hadi Muslim Yaar Speaker of the Senate, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Executive president of the national unity government, some cabinet members, ambassadors, and


 members of international community’s organs were participated. The objective of launching the mentioned parliament is to Promote the parliamentary culture, and further familiarity with the parliament procedures and training of adopting the general session and commissions.

 At the mentioned parliament 124 youths participated from various provinces and is continues for five days.   


At the beginning of the session, after recitation of some verses of Holy Quran and playing the national anthem, Agha Mohammad Qurishi Speaker of the youth training parliament provided information regarding the mentioned parliament achievements in the center and provinces and said that the members of the mentioned parliament performed a vital roles in last months and likewise provided schemes at the health, education, and fight against the drug and hoped the attention of the responsible authorities for providing enough facilities to them.


Afterward, Dr. Kamal Sadat deputy of the youth affairs of the ministry of Info and Culture discussed regarding the effectiveness of the mentioned parliament and said that the five years’ strategy for improving the youths is prepared and by performing that many problems of the youth will be solved.


Likewise, Dr. Bantend Banj representative of the UN in the Afghanistan affairs discussed regarding the mentioned parliament and its effectiveness on the youth and assured the UN stands with the people of Afghanistan and their further cooperation in supporting such national programs.


Afterward, Fazil Hadi Muslim Yaar Speaker of the Senate discussed regarding roles of the youths in the affairs of development and concerned if effective in the affairs of the country, and emphasized that the youth especially the members this parliament should not be used as the tools of the foreign countries. Speaker of the senate concerned the today’s gather as the example of democracy. Similarly, speaker of the senate criticized on some politician of the country for making criticizes on the government and emphasized that all the political parties should be united to support the


 government and the security forces of Afghanistan.  Similarly, speaker of the senate discussed about the terrorism activities in the country and concerned it the interference of ISI and demanded form the executive president for having attention toward the portion of the youth’s participation in the government affairs.


Likewise, during the session, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Executive president of the national unity government discussed and said that mentioning the youths that you are the real representative of the people and the national unity government will have serious attention toward the suggestions.


 Executive president concerned the youth as the investment of the country and said that though in last 14 years the development opportunities for the youth provided but they have suffered more causality during the mentioned years.


At the end of the session, appreciation certificate of the mentioned parliament leadership presented to Dr. Abuddlah Abdullah.