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Friday 20 July 2018

The Upper House Press Office

Date: 18.July.2017


Mohammad Alam Ezad Yaar and Mohammad Asif Sidiqi Second Deputy of the Senate Met With Ambassador of the Pakistan.



At the beginning of the session, Zahid Nasrullah Khan Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan by presenting their message of condolence about the death of the Mohammad Salim Ezad Yaar Grand Son of the First Deputy, emphasized on strength of the both countries relations.


During the meeting, deputies of the senate remembered regarding the both neighboring countries cultural and religion common and admired the Pakistan’s hospitalities of afghan refugees and added that the terrorism issues has damaged the relations of the both countries, and emphasizes occurred that both countries should jointly combat against the terrorism which is a treat to all the region and the globe.



At the end of the session, both side emphasized on strengthening the parliamentary relations which play an important roles for strengthening the relations of both countries.